The American Nightmare Becomes the American Dream” by Paul Cantor

Read the PDF then: 1. summarize main points of the reading, and explain the methodology of the author (look at organization and how they approach/build their argument (1 paragraph) 2. analyze or critique the main points (are points well-constructed and supported, or not? Explain and provide evidence) (1+ paragraphs) 3. You will also address at least one of the following questions (1+ paragraphs): How does this article fit in with the larger discussion of this topic? Does this article relate to anything else you have read for this course? Explain similarities and differences. What did you find interesting or relevant and why? What assumptions does the author make? What questions do you have about the text? Do you agree with what the author said? Why? If not, what would the author need to consider in their argument or address more persuasively?