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To simplify completing this milestone, utilize this template to help you write your essay. You may use

each heading as a starter sentence and then discuss the legal issues presented in the fact pattern, using

the following terms. Be sure to explain and elaborate how each term applies to the story. Be sure to

incorporate the facts of the case into your explanation and analysis.

Remember that the document you submit should follow the formatting guidelines described in the

Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric document.

A. The appropriate court for this lawsuit depends upon several factors. Three important

considerations include the following:

1. Personal jurisdiction. Define personal jurisdiction and explain how it applies to the

facts of this case.

2. Subject matter jurisdiction. Define subject matter jurisdiction and explain how it

applies to the facts of this case.

3. Minimum contacts. Define minimum contacts and explain how it applies to the facts

of case.

(Chapter 3)

B. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) may be an option to resolve this dispute.

1. Define ADR.

(Chapter 4)

C. Language on the Funny Face website appears to limit any claim filed to arbitration as a means

of resolving the dispute.

1. Explain the pros and cons of arbitration for at least two parties to the case.

2. Explain mediation and whether it has any benefits in this case.

D., E., and F. Chris, Matt and Ian could be subject to corporate criminal liability. The primary

crime that exists in this case is that of fraud.

1. Define fraud and why or why not one or more parties might be held responsible for

this crime.

2. Can you identify any other defendants and/or possible crimes in the story?

Elaborate and explain.

(Chapter 7)

G. The ethical process of decision-making involves consideration of three key elements.

1. Identify the elements and discuss how they apply to some of the facts of this case.

(Chapter 3)