Technology Integration within Curriculum Development

Identify six peer-reviewed sources regarding the integration of technology within curriculum and instruction. Three of the identified peer-reviewed sources should involve technology integration within curriculum development and three identified peer-reviewed sources should involve technology integration within instructional practices. You will then prepare a one-page annotated bibliography for each of the identified six peer-reviewed sources. Use the heading “Technology Integration within Curriculum Development” followed by the related annotated bibliographies and a second heading of “Technology Integration within Instructional Practices” followed by the related annotated bibliographies. Your annotated bibliographies should only involve peer-reviewed research, not textbooks, commentaries, or mega-analyses. Your annotated bibliographies need to be concisely and logically developed following these guidelines in this order: An APA formatted reference at the beginning of each annotated bibliography. A clear and concise description of the purpose of the research. A brief overview of the methodology (participants, how the data were collected and analyzed), the results, and implications for further study. Always refer to the authors/researchers by providing their names in full APA format as well as utilizing verbs in past tense after their names [e.g., Adams (2014) noted, found, determined, stated, revealed, indicated, listed, claimed, included, specified, believed, argued, reported, clarified, etc.]. Never state that the article, study, researchers, authors found, or that the article went on to say. Most of your reference citations should be in parenthetical form: (Adams, 2014). This keeps the focus on the contents of the research, not on individual researchers. Also, be careful to avoid lower-level writing phrases ending in a preposition such as pointed out, looked at, talked about, sought out, etc. Length: 6 pages, not including a title page References: Six scholarly resources Your annotated bibliographies should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your annotated bibliographies should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.