Team marketing template research Content and organization 70% Percent Earned:

Grading form for assignment: Team marketing template research Content and organization 70% Percent Earned: Comments: % Percent available Percent earned The team paper is 350-700 words in length, not including the title and reference pages. 4 Your team has conducted research on the Internet to explore marketing and communication strategy templates.Your paper discusses the importance of different templates used in marketing. It describes and discusses the templates you have identified.Provide adequate discussion and explanation, and use specific examples as needed to illustrate your points and your discussion.Prepare your paper in sections, in the same order you see below.1. Identify two marketing strategy templates and two communication strategy templates 10 2. Describe the components that make up each strategy template 10 3. Discuss the appropriate use of the templates you have identified and described 10 4. Explain the similarities and differences of the marketing and communication templates you have identified and described 10 The introduction provides a statement of the issue or problem, and discusses why it is important to talk about it. The introduction also gives sufficient background on the topic and previews major points to be discussed in the paper. 5 The conclusion is logical and flows from the body of the paper. It summarizes the key findings of your research and writing, and provides the reader with a takeaway. It does not simply reiterate the points you presented in the introduction and the body of the paper. 5 The paper covers all key elements of the assignment in a substantive way. It states major points clearly and discusses them in adequate detail. The content is comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive; you have provided sound reasoning and rationales to support your points. Your paper also supports your points with examples and/or analysis. The paper is organized in a logical way. 10 You have consulted and cited a minimum of four peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references, not including the course textbooks. 6 Readability and Style 15% Percent earned Comments % Percent available Percent earned Paragraph transitions are present and logical and maintain the flow throughout the paper. 5 Tone is appropriate for the audience, content, and assignment. The tone should be consistent with a formal academic paper or presentation. Write from the third person perspective only.Do not use colloquialisms or slang strive for formal and precise language that is appropriate for an academic paper 5 Sentences are strong, varied, and properly constructed. Sentence transitions are present and logical, and maintain the flow of thought. 5 Mechanics 15 % Percent Earned Comments % The title page is in correct APA 6th edition style. 2 The reference page uses correct APA 6th edition style. 2 The paper, overall, is in correct APA style. Any tables, charts, graphics and appendices follow correct APA style. 2 The paper makes proper and effective use of headings, font styles, and white space. 2 References (in-text citations) are cited consistently throughout the body of the paper to support your statements. These in-text citations use correct APA style. 2 The paper uses correct: grammar 1 word usage 1 punctuation 1 capitalization 1 spelling 1 Total 100% Percent Earned Comments: % Points Possible: 10 Percent Earned x Points Possible Points earned:

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