Take a theme and compare and contrast how any two authors develop it.

Your research project is an 8 to 15 page paper in APA format. It is to be descriptive rather than deeply analytic. That is, I want you to select a topic which interests you, explore it in some depth, and describe what you find. You will need to use secondary sources: the web, WIKI, articles and books in the library, and materials Ive put on reserve. Im open to pretty much any topic. Here are some suggestions:
1. Take a theme and compare and contrast how any two authors develop it.
2. Take a specific battle as presented in one of our books & try to make sense of it in terms of actual history.
3. Compare and contrast the way Junger and Graves experienced the Battle of the Somme.You will also present on this topic at the end of the semester for 15 minutes.Complete in a great deal of detail the following:List three possible topics which interest you & explain in some detail why find them attractive:
a. Topic 1:
b. Topic 2:
c. Topic 3:
2. Explain in detail why you have selected one of three topics for your project.
3. What do you expect to find out about your topic? For example, you have now read enough about each author that you should be able to anticipate how your author(s) will handle your topic.
4. What research & additional reading do you need to do? For example, if you plan to compare and contrast the experiences Junger and Graves had in hospitals, what more do you want to learn about English and German hospitals, medical care, etc. and about their real life experiences?- My list of topics from the class:
*Smith and Champlain
*Benjamin Franklin
*Crevecour & Declaration
*Bradford & Hawthorne
*Anything in General you have in mindFirst Paper Topic is due by March 29
First Draft Paper is due by April 10
Second Draft Paper is due by April 19
Final is due by May 7 but I want it to finish it before.

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