swot analysis for three companies ( shell , BP ,Total ) in UK

swot analysis for three companies ( shell , BP ,Total ) in UKaccounting and finance• Assignment TOOK ABOUTImagine that you have decided to form a ‘Shareholders Club’. This is an informal arrangement where you will contribute about £1,000 each to invest in equity shares of selected companies. You decide that it would be useful to compare three companies in which you are thinking of investing and to find out more about them. You are aware that they all produce an annual report and financial statements. You get hold of a copy of these documents, as you have read somewhere that they are intended to provide information useful for making economic decisions.In order to provide a comparative analysis in a structured way, you decide to put together a report that will identify those issues that appear relevant to your investment decision. The report should include the group’s decision on whether or not to invest in any of the chosen companies, giving reasons for the decisions.A FEW TIPS ON HOW TO GO ABOUT DOING IT1) First, you need to choose three listed companies on which to base your analysis. You can choose any organisations either in UK or overseas. You must get access to a copy of the latest three annual reports and accounts of each company (these should be for a financial year ending in 2013 or 2014). Larger, quoted companies tend to produce more informative annual reports than smaller, unquoted ones. Also use later interim accounts if these are available.IMPORTANT ( MY PART)2) As group we divided the work my part is write about (SWOT analysis FOR EACH THESE COMPANIES1- ((SHELL COMPANY)) IN UK2- ((BP COMPANY))IN UK3- ((TOTAL COMPANY)) IN UKit means write SOWT analysis all these companies of oil and gas in UK and put each analyses for each company in table speared . So i don’t want write introduction but

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