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Assignment 3 Survey Questions Submitting a file upload (Turnitin enabled) File Types doc, docx, and pdf NOTE that this is an individual assignment you will submit your own assignment, though we may spend some time getting feedback from members of the class. For this exercise, youll continue to (hypothetically) assess the prison dog program. Your task here is to measure the compatibility of the dogs with the families in which they are placed. Draft a brief survey with at least two close-ended questions and at least two open-ended questions that measure how well the placement has worked for the family (you might think about different aspects of this that youll measure things like match of the activity level of the dog to the family, adequacy of training, integration with other family pets, safety issues, or the like). Your survey should be no longer than six questions, and should only include measures that relate to dog training, temperament, and the like (that is, no need to ask for demographics such as race, age, family composition). Your survey draft should include an introduction to the family members who are (hypothetically) responding but need not include language that one would find in an informed consent form except in very general terms (e.g., responses are confidential, respondent can choose not to participate or skip questions). Your survey should be no more than one page single-spaced. You should write up a brief report (one-page maximum, double-spaced) to submit along with your survey draft. Your report will address the following Which of your questions appears to be the most valid measure of how successful the dog placement was? Why? Which question is probably the most reliable across family members that is, likely to evoke the most consistency if asked of any member of the household? Why? Note that for this assignment Ive prepared a scoring rubric. Part of this rubric includes writing effectiveness, so be sure to edit your submission to make sure youre communicating your information clearly; free of grammatical errors and also readable, understandable, etc. Be sure to address all of the criteria in the rubric as you prepare your submission. Rubric Assignment 3 Assignment 3 Criteria Ratings Pts Survey questions Full Marks 3.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 3.0 pts Validity discussion Full Marks 3.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 3.0 pts Reliability discussion Full Marks 2.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 2.0 pts Writing effectiveness Full Marks 2.0 pts No Marks 0.0 pts 2.0 pts Total Points: 10.0

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