Supply Chain Management report

This is a team paper. You need to complete the fourth point in the analysis of the fifth part, namely analyzing the solution techniques,and finally do Discussion and Conclusion.Please complete the article based on the case studies I provided. You can use the data and techniques in the article.The specific requirements and structure are as follows Assessment task 2: Group report (Assessment task 2a) and Group presentation (Assessment task 2b) Assessment task 2 consists of a research and analysis report with maximum 5000 words, excluding executive summary, appendices and references (2a) and a group presentation with maximum duration 15 minutes followed by a 5 minutes Q &A session with a total duration of 20 minutes (2b). In this project, each group needs to identify and explain about an issue in supply chain management and offer solutions/recommendations. For explaining the issue in supply chain, you will need some data/information. You can investigate a real-life case from a particular organisation and use its data. This must be discussed with your group members first. We will not assign you to an organisation. However, if find it difficult to collect data/information from a real organisation, you can collect data/information from secondary sources from online, company’s annual reports or related supply chain management articles and news. Students will need to collect data from actual organisations and/or secondary sources. Valid sources for obtaining such data may include: 1. Visits to the case company and interviewing key personnel (if you choose to do this, interview questions should be included in appendices) 2. Secondary data from online (it should be reliable and valid online data sources such as data from other research publications, databases and so on. WIKIPEDIA is not a suitable one) 3. Company’s annual/quarterly reports 4. Related supply chain management articles and news. NOTE: If you choose to investigate a real supply chain problem facing the organisation you work for. Remember this is a group assignment and you need to convince your group members on the topic you propose and share responsibilities. You also need to discuss this with tutor at least 3 weeks before the assignment due date to make sure that the scope and scale of the problem is consistent with those of the other groups. Structure and format of report: 1) Title page (Provided through UTSOnline) 2) Executive summary Main problems/issues Main recommendations Expected benefits, and potential risks