stigmas and stereotypes

Topic Question:
How have the stigmas and stereotypes associated with mental illness/health contributed to societies lack of realization?

Working Thesis:
Through the negative connotations associated with mental illness within our society we are creating a damaging cycle of social stereotypes, which not only constructs prejudice and discrimination for individuals suffering but also overshadows the reality and truths correlated with mental health.

Essay Outline
Intro: What are mental health stereotypes and stigmas + thesis
Paragraph 1: How social stereotypes of mental illness continue the negative cycle of shame.
-How stigmas are created within society (media, narrative, pop culture)
-How stereotypes reproduce themselves and cycle through society
-Why stigma matters
-Who holds stigma within our society
Paragraph 2: Prejudice and discrimination for individuals
-Denial and rejection of treatment, specifically in young adults
Paragraph 3: Truths and positives regarding mental health.
-How to erase stigmas connected to mental illness and health
-The power of change
Conclusion: Recap argument and state points from thesis

Class Source: Girl, Interrupted.


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