Stem Cell Paper


Bioethics Research Paper Guidelines: The paper must be written in 3 rd person (avoid I, me, we, our, you, etc). This is a research paper. It must be based on research found and investigated. If you feel the need to add your opinion, be sure it is in the last paragraph or last few sentences. I stop reading your paper once I get to what I perceive is an opinion. The research paper must be typed, 3-5 pages in length (minimum of 3 full pages of information); double-spaced One-inch margins on all sides with 10-12 point font (no larger). Arial, Calibre or Times New Roman font type, only. Do not bold or justify your text. A Work’s Cited page must be included at the end of the paper, not as a separate document. A minimum of three sources must be listed. At least one source must be a textbook, book, or journal. Encyclopedias (electronic or print) do not satisfy this source requirement. Only one source may be an encyclopedia (electronic or print). Wikipedia is an unacceptable source in this course. Be sure to use proper MLA documentation for the sources. Internal document citations must also be used to indicate the source of the material even if it is not a direct quote. Please use parenthetical documentation for this. Please use either the author’s last name and page number or the number and/or letter of the cited reference from the work’s cited pages for the parenthetical documentation. Be sure to put the documentation in parenthesis. Footnotes are not necessary. All ideas/information that are not your original thoughts must be cited from the source of information using parenthetical documentation. No more than 5 sentences maximum may be directly and/or indirectly quoted in this paper. The submitted paper should be one document consisting of (in this order) 3 pages of the research text, and a Work’s cited page with a minimum of 3 references. T Must include a visual component such as a chart/graph, table or timeline relative to the information presented.Visual Components must include the following in the paper: Description – the ability to engage in written discourse intended to convey a mental image of a visual media object. Students should include a legend or caption for the visual image that includes appropriate terminology. Explanation – the ability to explain plausible meanings and/or purposes of the image. Students should explain what the image is/represents and/or depicts. A source for this image must be included in the Work’s Cited area of the paper. Consequences & Implications – the ability to discuss the potential consequences and/or implications of the visual image’s meaning. Students must discuss the implication/consequence (effect/significance) of the inclusion of this image into the paper and how it adds to the overall content of the paper. Bioethics Research Paper Content*: The paper will explain in detail the bioethical chosen topic and be sure to define it thoroughly. The first paragraph must indicate how broad or narrow the topic selection will be and what specific aspect(s) of the topic will be discussed (if applicable). Explain, and elaborate on 2-5 current and/or potential uses of the technology. Explain, and elaborate on both sides of the issue (pros/cons). Be sure this is based on documented concerns/theories from acceptable sources. Explain, and elaborate on 2-5 of the issues surrounding regulating this type of bioethical issue from some type of governmental and/or regulatory perspective. Explain, and elaborate on 2-5 of the socioeconomic impact of this bioethical issue Explain, and elaborate on 2-5 of the science and health related benefits of this bioethical issue Explain, and elaborate on 2-5 of the global impact of this bioethical subject. Explain, and elaborate on 2-5 of cultural and/or religious viewpoints concerning this bioethical issue from a global religious perspective. Do not just mention your own religious viewpoint. You must mention the view point from different religions (Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, Buddhism, etc) Explain, and elaborate on 2-5 of the potential future effect of this bioethical subject on the human species.