Stakeholder Position Paper

The individual component of the task requires you to choose one particular stakeholder within your group and present their specific position on the issue and evaluate their contribution. Each group member must choose a different stakeholder. Your position paper should address, but is not restricted to, the following elements: Snapshot of stakeholder Stakeholder framing of the issue Strategic alliances with other stakeholders Resource availability (financial, social, human, symbolic capital) Efforts to engage public opinion and/or responses to public opinion Success or failure in presenting and advancing case (based on factors such as progress in negotiations to date, chosen success indicators or objectives, short versus long term goals). Presentation Abstract (100 words, not included in word limit) Subheadings Formal academic referencing in APA 6th style or another accepted style Bibliography/reference list (not included in word limit) Appendices are optional and if used should be minimal Learning support A guide to writing a position paper can be found here.Preview the document Learning Outcomes Research and analyse the roles of various stakeholders, including states, NGOs and other civil society actors in the formation of public policy Critically assess the communication approaches, strategies and tactics these stakeholders employ Reflect on the role of the professional communicator in influencing public opinion and legitimating policy Interrogate theoretical positions and assumptions regarding the concept of the public sphere and processes of public opinion formation in a postmodern context Employ theoretical frameworks to analyse political communication