This assignment provides students the opportunity to utilize advanced features of a spreadsheet application and perform analysis to establish a business decision. This project uses different features such as functions, absolute aIDressing, and charts. The student is expected to create a single file that consists of the elements listed below to calculate and illustrate the grades for a fictitious Info 309 class. The information will then be analyzed and presented in a report.
Required – Spreadsheet

1. Create a single spreadsheet file and title it myname – tool 1 (example: Mosher – Tool 1)
2. Generate the worksheets (tabs) as described below
3. Some check figures are provided in the attachments to assist in getting the calculations correct

Grade Calculation Worksheet
1. Title worksheet (tab): “Grade Calculation”
2. Create and enter the information supplied in Attachment 1 – List of Students and Grades
3. Utilize the frame found in Attachment 2 – Grade Calculation Frame
4. Calculate the missing data with the following rules:
a. Decision Tools column
i. Total = sum of individual grades (use SUM function)
b. Mid Term column
i. Adjusted = Actual + Adjustment (use absolute reference)
ii. Determine the letter grade using the LOOKUP function into the Grade Table worksheet
c. Final Exam column
i. % = Actual ÷ Possible (use absolute reference and format as %)
ii. Adjusted = ((Actual + Adjustment) ÷ Possible) * 100
iii. Determine the letter grade using the LOOKUP function into the Grade Table worksheet
d. Final Grade column
i. Total = Decision Tool Total + (Mid Term Adjusted * .35) + (Final Exam Adjusted * .35) [FYI… grades are 30% tools, 35% MT and 35% Final]
ii. Determine the letter grade using the LOOKUP function into the Grade Table worksheet
e. Average row
i. Determine the Average for each column using the AVERAGE function
f. Max row
i. Determine the largest amount for each column using the MAX function
g. Min row
i. Determine the smallest amount for each column using the MIN function
h. Adjustment
i. Adjustment amount (provided – no aIDitional input required) to be used as instructed above
i. Possible
i. Possible score (provided – no aIDitional input required) for each assignment to be used as instructed above
j. Count
i. Number of numeric items listed within each column. Use the COUNT function


Required – Report

You are an analysts assigned to research the accusation that student grades do not reflect the school standards. To start out the research you have decided to take the grades from an Info 309 class and evaluate them and see if you can find any discrepancies.
To get a better understanding of the situation you will perform the following:

1) Utilize the information generated in the spreadsheet above
2) Generate a report to your supervisor indicating your findings. Include the following:
a) Introduction explaining why you have decided to perform this analysis
b) Methodology utilized
c) Findings of you analysis. Discuss, as a minimum, the grade distribution and what you would expect the results to look like. Feel free to discuss any other conclusions.
d) Recommendations. Describe what you think should be done to correct any issues.