Sponsors of Literacy Review

Description English 111/112Journal RequirementsYou will read a number of different articles from the book. You may write a journal on any of these articles. You may type or hand-write your journals. Please make sureeach journal is at least a page in length (if you hand-write) or ¾ of a page (if you type), single-spaced, and contains the following sections (in this order and with these headings):BIBLIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION:In APA format, please provide the bibliographical information for each article. Brandt, D. (2017). Sponsors of literacy. In E. Wardle and D. Downs (Eds.), Writing about writing: A college reader (pp. 70-100). New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s. *****Note that most of your citations will be pretty much the same—just change the author, title, and page numbers.ARTICLE SUMMARY:In one well-developed paragraph, summarize the main points of the article. Include the key points that someone else would need to understand the article. Present them in the same order as the original article. Do not provide your opinion.RESPONSE:The rest of your journal will consist of your response to the article. You can agree or disagree with parts (and state why), expand upon some of the author’s points, connect the article with your own experience, and talk about why (or why not) you think the article raises important points about our society.Take the time to make these journals clear and well-written. Use them to practice clear, direct, fact-based writing (in the summary) and more expansive, analytical writing (in the response). Journals are due on the class in which we discuss the article.NOTE: IF YOUR JOURNALS ARE SHORTER THAN AROUND ¾ OF A PAGE, YOU WON’T GET CREDIT FOR THE