Solution-Which method is more effective in larger, taller

1. If a girl carved her initials in the trunk of a maple tree at a point five feet above the ground twenty years ago, and the tree grew at a rate of one foot per year, where can she expect to find her initials today?

2. Describe two mechanisms that move water from the roots to the upper portions of a plant. Indicate the restrictions of each. Which method is more effective in larger, taller plants?

3. Name six species of plants that have leaves. For each plant state whether they are a monocot or dicot. Then for each species state whether their leaves are simple or compound. Then state if their venation is parallel, netted palmate, or netted pinnate. Lastly, state if their leaf arrangement is alternate, opposite, or whorled. (Can you please set this up in a chart with five columns and six rows so I can compare the different plants)

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