Solution-Problem regarding the gambling addictions

As you have seen from the readings, alcohol and substance abuse, as well as gambling addictions, are included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual as behavioral disorders or diseases. Most of the other behavioral addictions, such as Internet addiction, have yet to be included. More research is needed before these behaviors can be included in the manual. However, many people agree that Internet addiction and other behavioral addictions are similar to alcohol or substance abuse in many ways.

After completing the readings and reviewing the Web sites, enter into the discussion with a post of 150+ words that addresses these questions:

Alcohol and substance abuse are identified in the DSM-5 as a disease, whereas the behavioral addictions (Internet, sex, pornography, shopping, food, etc.) are not.

Do you think that compulsive behaviors, such as Internet usage, shopping, and overeating should be included in the DSM-V criteria? Why or why not?

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