Solution-How you will measure enzyme activity


1. As you prepare the outline for the final applied lab project this week share with the other students what type of experiment you plan to do. Do not post your entire outline, just include a brief description of the type of enzyme you plan to use, how you will measure enzyme activity and what type of treatments you will use. You may also post your hypothesis to get feedback.

In your replies to the other students (one required, but more is OK), help them improve their hypothesis and experimental design, point out any aspects of their plan that may not meet the requirements outlined in the assignment description, ask questions about their controls, sample size, details in experimental designs etc.

I will NOT participate in this discussion but rather wait to provide feedback until after you have submitted your outlines. The purpose is for you to assist each other as you plan your project and prepare the outline. You can still ask me questions about the outline/final lab project in Ask the Professor

Keep in mind that the other students may be wrong, so use critical thinking and your own judgement. You are responsible for your outline and final project and I do expect to see individual and original work from everyone. You can not submit identical outlines that you have created in collaboration with other students (and certainly not copied from other students).

2. Outline of Final paper:

Include the following in your outline:

• Name of enzyme you will use
• Name of organism (if applicable)
• The substrate and products in the chemical reaction
• Method for measuring enzyme activity
• Treatment: acidic fluid(s), pH, length of exposure, how you will treat your samples
• The control(s) in the experiment
• Hypothesis
• How you will present your data (table and/or type of graph)
• Anything else you would like to get feedback on before you start your experiment.

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