sociology of the family 16 questions 150 each please

16 questions 150 words each

  • Define ”theory.” List and briefly describe the seven theories that are common in the study of families.
  • Describe the specific types of marriage patterns found around the world.
  • Describe how slavery shaped African American families in colonial America.
  • Write about female genital cutting. Be sure to include the different types, why it is practiced, and its consequences.
  • Compare and contrast the four (4) theoretical explanations for poverty.
  • Discuss and describe the evidence that shows that racism exists in the U.S.
  • Write an essay about same-sex intimate relationships. Be sure to compare and contrast (1) same-sex and heterosexual relationships, and (2) gay and lesbian relationships.
  • Compare and contrast male and female sexual scripts in the U.S., and include a discussion of the double standard.
  • Describe, using data from your text, the change in marriage rates over recent decades. Be sure to include racial and ethnic differences.
  • Describe the history and current trends in racial and ethnic intermarriage. Be sure to discuss attitudes and well as behaviors.
  • Describe the historical fluctuation in fertility rates in the U.S. What might account for these fluctuations?
  • An increasing number of people are childfree.Write an essay about infertility and the voluntary childfree.
  • Describe the recession in the U.S. and be sure to discuss its by-products, such as unemployment, low wages, and nonstandardized work schedules.
  • Describe the challenges of juggling work and family. Be sure to include the concepts of work-family conflict, role overload, spillover, and describe differences in leisure.
  • Discuss dating violence, sexual aggression, and rape. Be sure to discuss the research describing frequency, reporting, and date rape drugs.
  • A common question is, ”Why do women stay in abusive situations?” How would you answer this question? Be sure to discuss the shelter movement in your answer.