Snow White (Grimms) and its interpretation by Disney

Snow White (Grimms) and its interpretation by Disney.

Snow White (Grimms) and its interpretation by Disney

Paper instructions:
Please follow the instruction below as I will not accept the paper if it doesn’t meet the following:

The research project revolves around the fairytale of “Snow White” (Grimms) and its interpretation by Disney .Avoid plot summary when you refer to the tale and the film. This paper is to be approximately 1000 words long and formatted in MLA. Here are the criteria for the paper format:
1. No section headings
2. No long quotes
3. No Endnotes
4. No Footnotes
Follow MLA (2009) criteria.


Sources: Following is the list of approved sources to be used for this paper. All these have to be acknowledged:

1) Snow White by Brothers Grimm

2) Snow White and Seven Dwarves film by Disney.

3) Art, Adaptation, and Ideology” by Thomas Inge (I will send it to you)

4) Handout on Propp’s Functions (I will send it to you)

5) Handout on Aarne-Thompson-Uther index (I will send it to you)

6) feel free to add other resources if you want but you have to mention the first five resources and use them.



Begin your paper by identifying the tale type that Snow White belongs to, and briefly explain one or two characteristics of this tale type (Refer to the ATU Index handout). Explain how the tale fits into the ATU index: does this index help us understand the theme / message it seeks to convey? Does this index pertain to plot construction? The main threat / problem / antagonist the protagonist faces?
Then, using proper transitions, define what an archetype is, in your own words. If you quote from Credo, or a dictionary, please acknowledge. Your introduction needs a thesis
Thesis: (Narrowed Main Topic + Your Opinion)
Tale & Film + Theme / Message + Archetype + Way Archetype is Changed by Disney.


Support paragraphs:

Identify an archetype used in both, the Disney film and Grimms’ tale, and the type of archetype it is. Connect this archetype to a central message / theme of the tale, and clearly identify ONE step from Propp’s Functions, or the part of tale that best uses this archetype to convey theme or message.
Choose one of the changes made by Disney that is examined in the articles, that relates to an archetype of your choice and comment on the extent to which this element has been changed by Disney.



Do you agree with this change? Do you think this change makes the archetype more clearly connected to the theme?


Works Cited:

Insert a page-break after the conclusion paragraph and construct a Works Cited page (sustain page numbering and double spacing, and use hanging indent for Works Cited). All (Ref) should be referenced in Works Cited. Do NOT submit Works Cited as a separate document or a separate submission; it needs to be the last page of your research paper.


Snow White (Grimms) and its interpretation by Disney

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