smart phone report

hello .. this is the most important instructor. and i will send the rest of instructor, guideline and example as a PDF please follow the instructor . there is an examples please follow it and also the format is ABC but the Francene as APA style .. thank you a lot for helping
The problem you are to consider is the purchase of some sort of personal electronic device, e.g., a smart phone, tablet, fitness band, MP3 player, etc. Select a device and find three options. Then assess each option with the same criteria (e.g., cost, graphics display, etc.) to recommend the best device.

The report must exhibit all the characteristics of good technical writing. Pay attention to document and page design. Remember to properly document all information sources. Include all the following elements in the report:

1. cover
2. title page
3. informative abstract
4. table of contents
5. list of illustrations
6. body (maximum 5-7 pages of text; graphics not included in the page count but must be included in the report) including introduction, discussion, conclusions, and recommendations
7. list of references

• content, i.e., the quality of the required elements
• quality of writing
• quality of design

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