small group discussion 3

Small Group Discussion Questions: to answer these questions you will draw on Chapters 10 – 11 of your text and other supporting resources that you find. Draw from the theory to support your analysis. Explain why.

1 – Some believe that in our societies we are not good listeners. In what ways have you observed this to be true? Give some examples in society or from your personal experience.that support or refute this assertion. How can we become better listeners? Approx 300 words

2. Find a UTube (or other media) link that supports the topic of listening and post it in your answer. Tell us the main concepts that the speaker is trying to make. Approx 200 words

2. What should a managers goal in encouraging collaboration among employees? When is engaging in collaboration counterproductive to an organizations goals? What should be considered? Approx 300 words

For your on line reflection activity you will be placed in a group of approximately 8 of your peers. As a group, you are responsible to respond to the week‘s discussion questions. Your participation online will build on the readings by drawing out the details that you can apply to your own work context. Sharing your own reaction to the material with outer in the class will bring multiple points of view and experiences “in the field” that will allow you to continue learning beyond the print resources. Give the level of effort expected from you in the online forum and the anticipated learning that will result, this part of the course will contribute over one-third to your final grade. Here is what you need to do each week:

    1. In the week the reflection activity is assigned, by the end of the day on Thursday, each of you must have posted your own reflection activity to the discussion board. This is worth a possible 10 marks. Your initial reflections must be thoughtful and thorough, approx. Approx. 600 words for the reflection question posed. It is very important that your response is not just your own opinion and that your response is not just “copied” from other sources. You need to back up your initial response by referring to at least two cited sources, found through research (including the course materials and on line or print sources) – avoid Wikipedia and other secondary sources. If you do not post by the end of the day on Thursday, you will lose a possible 10 marks.
    1. Once you have completed your own post you are required to respond to at least two of the posts made by your peers. Your responses should be substantive and contribute to the feedback to your peers.

Since everyone will have posted by Thursday night, you should have at least two people to respond to. I am looking for you to connect your thoughts related to the topic. These responses are worth another possible 5 marks. Your responses must be completed by Sunday night.