Site Suitability Modelling Using GIS (Waterford County in Ireland)-Essay

Order Description

I would like you to write a summary of the results, includes the (list) of the factors for the site suitability (airport) and the potential impact of the site also conclusion section ( suggested improvement- difficulties encountered – relevant technical points such as a critical commentary on the spatial data used )

(please I wanted clear, short and justified the factors like list that on the site also don’t repeat what you write before on word doc.)

I have question about two things 1- the layer you did in the project, which is HillSha_irll. I want a description of this layer so I can include it in the project. My lecturer asked me to write how I did this layer and why.
2- you write in page 7 about each factor a numeric value in a spreadsheet. Can you send information I would like to do tables about these values an put it in the project also for reference.

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