Should Australia legalize pill testing at festivals as a harm -inimisation strategy?.

Q1: Pill Testing A coronial hearing resulting from an increase in the number of drug-related deaths at NSW festivals last summer has generated debate concerning the introduction of pill testing at festivals. Presently prohibition strategies are favoured at festivals in Australia; however, these strategies often result in more harm than good. Should Australia legalise pill testing at festivals as a harm -inimisation strategy? Other instructions: You will need to include a minimum of EIGHT academic (peer-reviewed/scholarly) references to support your argument (for example, academic journals or books). All references should be up-to-date (2010 to the present). You will need to provide both in-text references (in the body of your essay) and end-text references (a list of correctly cited references at the end of your essay). You should also follow the rules for essay writing and use an academic style and format consistent with writing an argumentative essay. This format will be discussed further within your learning materials as part of the core content for UPU0002. You will need to submit a Title Page with your essay using correct formatting fitting with APA referencing and formatting conventions (you will find information on presenting your assignments below). Can a Essay Plan also be included