school of literary criticism create a 3 5 slide powerpoint on feminist theory

  • Include the following information, as well as relevant images, on the Feminist Theory if available:
    • Time/decade and place (if applicable) of origin
    • Significant scholars involved.
    • Why and from where did this theory emerge? What were its influences?
    • The theory/school’s defining characteristics, terms, and/or questions
    • A quote from one of the school’s major works/authors
    • Use your last slide as your Works Cited page
  • Feminist theory is based on the experiences of women in a world seemingly controlled by men. In literary terms, feminist criticism explores the oppression of women in a patriarchal society. Women have long been oppressed by men in many cultures and nations of the world, and the feminist critic addresses this oppression by pointing it out in literary works and by discussing the role that women play in the wider sphere of all humanity. To learn more about this theory, see Purdue OWL: Feminist Theory To see how one would apply feminist theory to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, go to the link below:

Please include a detailed explanation of each slide in the notes of the powerpoint.