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Santa Fe College
Paper instructions:
Final Exam

Write a set of instructions (limited to one of the six topics identified in Topic below), following advice In Chapter 21 (22 in old edition) and the (better) advice and samples in this online technical writing text covering instructions.

Choose one and only one topic from these listed below:

€¢how to impress a professor in college
€¢how to impress people online (via Facebook, blogs, whatever medium (or more than one) you prefer)
€¢how to succeed in the Technical Communication class at Santa Fe College
€¢how to break off a relationship (or a friendship€“it’s up to you) while keeping goodwill and peace
€¢how to have the best (but safe) time at a Gator football home game
€¢how to most prductively use the library article databases at SFC (based on your own experiences)
€¢Topics # 4-10 listed in this link (a page which actually asks for process descriptions, but you need to transform the process into a set of instructions)
Light humor is invited, as long as your work achieves the form and follows the strategies of a good set of detailed instructions.

You may not do any research for this set of instructions beyond your own experience, knowledge, and imagination. Use of outside sources (except for the textbook, the course directions, and other links provided in these directions and any icons or other images you wish to include) will be regarded as contrary to directions and dishonest. You can of course, practice the process, if you need to, such as practicing using the library databases.And, if you choose how to succeed in Technical Communications, you can review any of the course materials).



No word count is set; however, you want to be as detailed as you can, devoting approximately two hours, as you would in an on-campus final. You can referet to the sample of selecting a location for a date below, which is only one small step in a whole procedure of dating).

Your directions should have the following:

€¢A clear and limiting title.
€¢An introduction. You must have purpose of procedure, any special skills or conditions required, any needed definitions, warnings that apply to the procedure as a whole, a complete materials list, an overview of the major steps.
€¢A procedure section. You must use headings and distinct format for various major units in the process. Under these, steps must be numbered, and substeps must use lower case letters. You must use short, logically shaped sentences to give directions, with one major action per step. These must be phrased as commands (e.g., Select a seat with easy access in a fire to an ing window or door. NOT You should select a seat€¦). Your instructions should not be more paragraph-style instructions (as many are in the Lannon and Gurak text). Keep feedback statements (or what is called supplemental instructions in the linked page below) separate from steps.
€¢Support notices. You must use some of the following, as defined by Lannon: Note, Caution, Warning, Danger. These must come immediately before the step in the procedure section to which they apply (they may also come in the introduction for overall hazards. In all hazard notices, you must indicate the nature of the hazard, the consequences of the hazard, and the way to avoid it.
€¢Icons, images. With support materials, use appropriate icons and format to call attention; these will likely be in the procedure section and perhaps the introduction. Use other images as suitable. Beneath images (aside from icons) that you download, write (Source:_____). Fill in the blank with name of author of web page or sponsor.
—¦Here is a link to a terrific site where you can make custom ANSI icons: (one style of icon here) and a link to the whole collection, including more custom options here:


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