sales and distribution process diagram

sales and distribution process diagram.

Project description
Task 3: SAP SD Case Study
This mini-assignment contributes to your module portfolio (Marks available = 20).

For this task you should use the SAP system to complete the Sales and Distribution (SD) case study.

You should follow the instructions in the SD case study. Check all your data carefully by displaying each item and verifying the settings on each page.

You should then prepare a short report:

1.that demonstrates your understanding of the case study and the sales and distribution process diagram on page 2

2. that includes a few key screenshots of your data/results in order to show your successful completion of the case

You do not need to send me the screenshots, but you should tell me which pages or which part should be the screenshots..Also, the the screenshots is helping you to write the short report, u just need to point out which part should be the screen shot and then write a short paragraphy after each screenshot,,, and i will add screenshot by myself after that.
There is no reference in this report and please make sure the plagarism is no more than 10%

sales and distribution process diagram

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