Run For Office


You have chosen to run for a public office. This can be local, state, or federal. You will provide a 5 page (first person) that explains persuasively your political stance and policies. There is no right or wrong political affiliation for this paper or preferable policy choices. This paper is about arguing persuasively. We will assume that this is a campaign statement that you mean to use as a speech or as a campaign release statement. 1. Begin with a paper with a one-page explanation of the persuasive tactics or overall strategy, based on course teachings, that you are going to use in your campaign presentation. 2. You will frame your total argument using one or more of the communication approaches (foot-in-the-door) (Social Proof-Using others actions to decide) described in 3.1-3.4 or 4.1-4.5 in your class notes. The principles of sliding and identification are two of the most common tactics used in political discourse. You will find their descriptions in the Course Resources link. A good place to begin is to state early in your paper who your target audience is, what their key values or beliefs are, and the changes you would like to see. In some cases, you might want to reinforce what readers already believe in order to gain their trust or openness to your approach. You are free to quote sources or politicians to support your campaign position. You also might want to establish some credibility early in your statement in order to gain the reader’s trust in you. Conservative: A strong believer of constitutional rights. 1st and 2nd amendments Pro-Life Pro-Military Pro-Law Enforcement Strong border enforcement/Fair immigration policies Follow the rule of law Freedom to make decisions with minimal government intervention.