Rights and Responsibilities Under FMLA

For this assignment, you will take on the role of a Human Resource Manager for a mid-size company. Thad, an employee, has come to you to inquire about FMLA. He is requesting for a leave of absence under FMLA to care for his adult child who is seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Thad is unsure how often he will need time off, but does tell you initially that he will need one to two days a week for six weeks. Thad has worked at the company for four years consecutively as a full-time employee. Based on the above scenario, Explain the purpose of FMLA. Examine the eligibility requirements of FMLA. Compare and contrast both the employee’s and employer’s rights and responsibilities under FMLA. Analyze whether or not FMLA applies to Thad’s situation, providing a rationale for your decision. Draft an excerpt for your company’s HR policy and manual concerning FMLA as the current policy does not address it.