Rhetorical Analysis Book Essay

Description Learning Objective: Write rhetorical analysis essays based on a careful observation of textual details, considering a work’s subject, purpose, tone, and context in preparation for post-secondary analysis and writing. Prompt Works of non-fiction, whether implicitly or explicitly, present an argument to the reader and support this argument with different types of evidence and rhetorical techniques. Using the non-fiction book you chose, identify the work’s central argument and analyze the effectiveness of the evidence and techniques the author uses to support his or her argument and effectiveness of the argument as a whole. Avoid summarizing the text and focus on analyzing and evaluating the evidence. Extras: Think about the rhetorical devices and strategies listed in your AP summer vocab as a starting place for what strategies you could identify and analyze within your own book. If you feel like your book has several arguments, you can just choose one of the arguments or analyze a smaller portion of the text if appropriate. Keep your writing complete but concise.