review the communication challenge topics and choose one that is relevant

First step: Choose a topic. Review the Communication Challenge Topics and choose one that is relevant and interesting to you. Make sure to review the examples and anecdotes that follow each topic in this document. You can also find this information under the Course Info tab.

Second step: Review the Strategic Communication Plan example. Your plan should mirror this example in format and length. This example is also located under the Course Info tab.

Third step: In this discussion, please respond to the following:

Part 1: What is your topic?

Part 2: Provide a rough draft of your Strategic Communications Plan for peer review and instructor feedback. Your draft should include enough detail that we can provide strong constructive feedback and input.

Part 3: Review at least two of your peers’ Strategic Communications Plan. Provide feedback. Don’t be afraid to challenge their assumptions, suggest new possibilities, and affirm their choices when those choices are good.