Review A Statistical Compression Cache Scheme

[1] A. Arelakis and P. Stenstrom, SC2: A Statistical Compression Cache Scheme, ISCA, 2014.You can find it as a PDF file here( a copy on D2L too) : Assignment and deliverables You must read the assigned paper and then write a review of about 2 page (typed, Times New Roman font, font size 11, and single line spacing).Each review should include: 1) course info, your name, information about paper reviewed, 2) a brief statement of the problem that is (attempted) to be solved by the paper, 3) a summary of the solution, 4) a list of strengths of the solution, 5) a list of drawbacks or limitations, and 6) ways to improve the proposed methods/techniques. In writing these reviews, please use your own words and do not just copy-and-paste from the abstract or the body of the reviewed papers.