Restoration Hardware


The purpose of the assignment is to examine Restoration Hardware and address the issues that you think would contribute to this business being a good case study ( * Do not write a case study : This is not a case study). Restoration Hardware (now RH) is an American home furnishing company which sells its merchandise through its retail stores , catalog and online. In 2014, they were criticized for direct mailing of their catalog. RH is also now doing something innovative in merchandising by making restaurants and wine bars at their locations part of the shopping experience. To begin this assignment, first determine the key marketing question RH faces. This could be the opening paragraph, with further supporting detail in the following one or two paragraphs. The next step could be to develop some key objectives for this case. A concluding paragraph could summarize why you think RH is a good company for a case study analysis. The assignment should not exceed three pages doublespaced. Please also do some research on RH to assist with this assignment.