responsive writing

Utilizing the textbook please respond to the following prompts in a minimum of 250 words EACH: Please use APA format. Please utilize each prompt as a header.

  • Compare and contrast psychotherapy groups with counseling groups. What advantages can you identify if a psychotherapy group had a membership with diverse presenting issues and degrees of severity? Provide an example of such a group, and describe the role of your faith in working with such issues.
  • Discuss the working and closing stages of group. What is involved in each stage, and how does your role as the group counselor/facilitator change as the group progresses into the closing stage? What are the anticipated challenges involved with each stage? Give a scenario of one presenting issue during either the working or the closing stage, and identify how you (the group counselor) would address the issue.
  • Compare and contrast the following functions of group leadership: traffic director, modeler of appropriate behavior, interactional catalyst, and communication facilitator.