Response to Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

This paper is the response to Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. ISBN: 9780743487580 Mary Shelley’s novel establishes a blurred line of demarcation between the human and the non-human. We are usually told that what makes us humans is the use of language. But the creature in this novel can speak, and he even uses a high rhetoric. In the Part II of the novel, we can find this quote: “Frankenstein! You belong then to my enemy – to him towards whom I have sworn eternal revenge; you shall be my first victim.” For this Response Paper, focus on the importance of this quote in the novel. Address the next topics, but certainly fell free to develop what you think it is important about the construction of the idea of the Monster in this novel: – Who is speaking? Who is the “first victim”? – As we can see thru the story, the idea of the Monster is something that is being built by society, by everyone says/think/act on the creature. Analyze at least one scene when this construction is presented. – In which ways the notion of criminality is linked to the idea of Monstrosity? Consider the motivations and responsibility of the creature for his acts