RESEARCH ESSAY 2: Greek Drama for Modern Audiences

RESEARCH ESSAY 2:Greek Drama for Modern Audiences:Find a production of a Greek play onYouTubeand write a review of it comparing it its original.Briedlyintroduce the facts of the original Greek play and then analyze a new production, which may be just a more modern translation or it could be a version by a different writer.Examine the form of the production, , the plot, the characters, the theme, and whatever gives it more originality or some modernity. Use both the original and the production as primary sources and search out reviews of the production by critics. You may also refer toAristotles’sPoetics to analyze some aspect of the play. ThePoeticsis found inBbCourse Content. You may get some ideas for sources by seeing thePowerPointClassical Drama and Modern Protest also in Course Content. Bring your topic and and a one page outline of this essay to class the last week of October fordiscussion.Use MLA format.