Report on a book about BIG DATA

The goal of this project is to read and report on a book about BIG DATA! This will (hopefully) prepare you and give you some ideas for Projects #2 and #3. Furthermore, this will better expose you and your classmates to a variety of contemporary topics. The expectation is a 6 slide PowerPoint presentation and a 2-3 page summary of the book and its ideas/methods/conclusions. The book should have a heavy focus on data/analytics/modeling/statistics, with the “story” being somewhat secondary. The selection/topic of the book is your choice (but must be approved by Prof) and can be focuses on sports, science, medicine, economics, etc. preferred book title(s) (with link to book on Amazon) for approval by Prof. This project has two requirements to be submitted • 2-3 page book summary • 6 slides for presentation to class ** Please send book name ASAP to get approval.