Reliability and Availability

This coursework is about understanding how to use Reliability, Availability techniques to support decisions
on maintenance

Failure of complex systems depends on the physical processes, component characteristics, inspection and
maintenance policies. In this coursework you are expected to collect failure and repair/ maintenance data of
a real system (the systems could be a repairable or non-repairable system). The data should be from a real
project (do not use data from textbooks). Give a full description of the data information (such as the
number of failures, inspections, faults, fault description, dates, when each fault was detected and the
types of maintenance carried out). Discuss the data/information gathering process, and framework used
(illustrate using diagrams).
Tabulate the data and carry out exploratory analysis for the data (such as event frequencies, histogram, or
bar charts) and discuss it. Use suitable statistical techniques in reliability analysis from your lecture
notes. You may need to do some additional reading to understand the reliability metrics. Determine whether
the redundancy systems are in series or parallel, general series and parallel. Make estimates of (vital)
component reliability and calculate the overall system reliability.
Identify the candidate distribution that is adequate for the failure/repair process (data sets). Determine
the best reliability models, discuss the characteristics and the appropriateness of the reliability models
chosen and give the mathematical expression of the; MTTF, standard deviation, types of failure rate, and
show the expression of the reliability function and the hazard function. Explain the economic benefits of
the model.
Assessment Criteria are:
1- Discuss the preliminaries of lifetime distributions used in reliability analysis. Clearly define the
reliability terms and discuss the terminology used for the system under investigation. Your report should
show the reader your understanding of the reliability techniques used.
2- Carry out an exploratory analysis of the failure data sets (show the trends on a histogram or a line
graph). Show the functional forms of the candidate distributions, estimate the mean, variance and standard
deviation of the fitted candidate distribution. Also show the expression for the hazard and reliability
3- Show whether the times between failures follow a non-homogenous Poisson process, homogeneous Poisson or
renewal process (determine the reliability models used and explain why you think it is adequate).
4- Conclusions and recommendations (discuss the economic benefits of using the proposed model)
5- Attach a copy of the sources of data information used. Include all relevant references (at least five) in
your reference Section



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