Reflective Learning Journal

Reflective Learning Journal
(i) Introduction / Purpose of the Paper (keep short)
(ii) For each guest lecturer: pre-visit research and analysis of the topics the guest speaker brought up. Please, RESEARCH extra information on the topic as well!
(iii) Discussion and analysis of all the topics covered.


Started his own company after an issue with F1
– Sponsorship agency
– It was none existing at the time
– Started with events
– Now top 3 agency in the world
– They used to be small
– Now big
– Director for TV commercials
– Produce events
– Made video with Shawn white Perfect half pipe (Redbullproject X)
– They work with red bull creativity
– Create important relations with event companies
– All about the relationship b/w: events <?CSR <? Sponsorship
– The sponsors are the biggest part of an event what ever the budget
– They are the ones who communicate the event
– Example: Audi chose to aim at skiers and sailors. they did through sponsorship
– Turkish airlines sponsors the football team by posturizing them on the plane
– All traditional sponsorship (radio, magazine…) are going down
– Only electronic sponsorship (internet, smart phones) are going up

Why parternship is effective? (3 Facts):
1. Fast growing media
2. Long term contracts with major investments

Used New 4 P’s:
– Partnerships – Product
– Purpose – Price
– Production – Promotion
– Participation – Place

Win Sponsor + Win Property + Win audience

The role of the agency:
Pre-production // On site // post-production

To manage quality they have a “Malaja quality manual 2013”

They are willing to expand internationally

Its all about sports, action and entertainment. They make sure you remember them when doing a commercial for an event.

He enjoys making good relationship. Like with the shopping mall event

Its like sports it s all about the numbers ($) “Constant measurement is the only way to separate costs from investments”

How to measure?
– activation objectives
Gross, and brutto contacts
Trafic to websites & Social
Press contracts
Leads to sales
– brand objectives
netpromiter score
image& associations
Funnel/ potential client base
– sales objectives
the number of leads that are converte to sales (valued per money / number)
the financial value of partnerships (money or in-kind)
Increase in customer loyalty
“Brand needs to build up its values through events”

The need of the perfect match! ? Return on Objectives is the key

The proposal popularity index they receive the most from sports (47%) (76%)

Sports and festival and fairs are the two most popular ones

Community investment popularity index Education is the most common.
Marketing Research, segmentation, brand.

2. UEFA marketing
3. Club competitions strategy
4. Look at UCL strategy

The role of UEFA:
• Sporting protector: Players, coaches, racism, security, (ex: lance Armstrong incident)
o UEFA is an internationally respected European football authority

• Football organizer/ facilitator:
o UEFA expertly runs 3 fl

• Commercial Promoter:
o PS, Sony

Core purpose: inspiring excellence in football
Key commitment: protect the customers

Care Unity Openness excellence

As an organization we are active. We care about the future of football supporting the people and passion

UEFA is a football community at all levels without favoritism.

We must be open in everything we do ensuring that we are approachable and accountable to everyone we deal with.

Together we will inspire excellence in football, raising standards in Europe from frass roots to top tier competition

UEFA Marketing:
A wholly owned UEFA subsidiary company fully integrated marketing and events organizers…

Company visit:
to be the center of business excellence in European football

Company strategy:
– grow revenues, both in the short and longterm, for all UEFA competitions
– deliver UEFA’s events in a cost effective manner to the highest possible standard
– share knowledge with memebers of the football family (N.A’s, clubs etc)

– Marketing & strategic planning
– TV and Digital media rights and services
– Sponsorship sales and account managements
– Licensing and merchandising
– Business development
– Corporate and competitions brand and promotion
– Research and market intelligence
– Agency management

– Competition planning program management
– Delivery of UCL/UEL/EURO in conjunction with the LOC
– EURO commercial and hospitality sales
– Competition venue delivery
– Marketing rights delivery
– BiIDing and future hosts management
– Other event services

Media rights & broadcaster servicing
Key activities – media rights
– Media rights sales for all UEFA competitions (directly or via third party agencies)
– Archive rights sales and management
– Ex: provide videos with all the goals of Ronaldo (to compete against broadcasting agencies
Key activities – broadcasting servicing
– Account management of rights holding broadcasters
– Rights implementation
– Provision of broadcast and digital

Revenue through media, broadcast and sponsorship

Marketing activities:
– Marketing
– Business development
– Promotion
– Brand
– Research

Sponsorhsip sales and licensing & global management
– sponsorship sales for EURO 2016
– other events incl. Men’s EURO

New commercial environment:
– Strategic marketing
o Marketing strategies
o Commercial concepts
o New business opportunities
– Management and support of sales agents
– Clients relationship
– Coordination re. Marketing operations
– Sales account management

Marketing Vision & Mission
Vision: Optimization of revenues for the shorn ad long term benefit
Mission: through the creation of value in every activity undertaken
Product development:
– commercial input to competition formats and concepts
– Brand
– Showcasing of competitions
Marketing plan and strategy:
– marketing plan per competition with clear deliverable and KPI’s
– Fan Engagement/promotion

Strategic Intent: Competitions + audiaence = return on objectives
Marketing Approach:
Strategy: what, to whom and how??Product& Commercial Concept & Marketing activation ? Measurement (KPI’s)

6 step marketing approach
1. Define objectives
2. Situational analysis
3. Define the target audience and stakeholders
4. F
5. Key marketing initiatives (strong brand)
a. Licensing (putting their logo on shirts and footballs
b. Partnership approach (Heineken)
c. State of the art delivery – working with clubs
6. Measurement
a. KPI will be detailed against initiatives to ascertain effectiveness
b. Sample groups will be extended to fans and non-fans to ensure a more accurate response and potential audience

Diverse Target Audience:
– Ultimate’s
– Social supporters
– Big game players
– Sofa spectators
– Engaged critics
Creative at a Global ad agency:
(famous ad agency)

1. Overview
2. Different roles at an agency
3. What is global adv
4. How to make integrated campaign
5. Turning an international beer into a global icon
6. The stages from idea to delivery

The way I see it:
ad agencies voices for hire.
Identifies the languages of a client and then shout it out to the world

Inspire people
Be memorable

Guiding principle:
“Make great work for inspiring clients“
name of his previous (or current) company weiden + kennedy

Independence is everything ? since they work on their own they do the jobs that interest them and that they feel are relevant to them. If they dnt like it they dnt do it.
W+K Is a global company (many officies around the world)

The work comes first ?They make sure that it is the best decision to do this ad for this company. If they feel that it wont help their company they wont do it. They want to create only big impacts

Empty Toolbox there is no single method

Chaos can make it a tough place to start ? meaning starting to work for them on a first chaotic job might be tought

They want to move people and consider the brands to be people otherwise it is worth nothing.

Advertising is a weapon careful where you point it ? take responsibility and make sure not to offend anyone.

Connect to the heart and soul of the clients and learn a way to portray a plublicity so people can keep talking about it for a while through social media

Create marketing between great companies and their clients
Different roles:
– Account management
– Planners/ strategists
o Media planners
o Account planners
– Creative department
– Art directors copywriters
– Producers – makes it reality
– Working together in client teams

Global advertising ? ads made for everyone, make sure to respect and attract the different culture
They have conferences to make sure that the commercial is ok to be published

We run out work in all media:
Tv, print, online, activation on pack etc

To make a successful integrated campaign…

Successful campaign that is very strong:
It sbeen around for 4 years
With Heineken
Commercial objective
– to increase penetration whilst also maintain value
– to drive the premium beer segment
Making international aspirational.
“Lets embrace our globalism”
“Thinking beyond our borders…”


They make small short vids to present their scripts. It is easier to understand and visualize instead of it being an ordinary script.

Work with hotels
– Best hotel price compared to the customers
– Revolutionize travel through the power of technology
– 150 travel booking sites in over 70 countries ? adapt to all cultures and languages is challenging
– Booking cycle ? when and how they book?
– Getting reached as top hit on google. Ex if you type travel expedia shows up on … position
– A lot of competition and players. They have only 4-5% of market share and they are known to have the biggest portion.
– Make the purchase and research easy for customers
– Cancelation, conversion
– Provide the proper destination that matches the customer search

– Technology & brands
– powerful marketing
– Market insignt
– Helps hotels reach customers across the glove through technology and brands, powerful marketing and market insight
– In 2013, expedia spent $1.7B USD marketing travel which was 42% of revenue
– Need ? research ? shopping ? booking ? fun ? reviews