reflection paper must be 1 5 to 2 pages long double space

In your response (1.5-2 pages, double spaced, 12 point), you must describe the major arguments Russell makes in the article. Then, use one or more of the tips from the “Response paper tips” file under our weekly modules to critically engage with this article. Feel free to bring in your own knowledge base, including what you have learned so far in class, or draw comparisons with the previous readings and lectures.

I have attached the required reading below. I prefer to receive the work early to avoid technical issue.

PLEASE NOTE THAT: Reflection essay does not mean just summarize the reading!!! We only have 2 pages to describe the major issues/ arguments. This paper relies heavily on understanding arguments and being able to make your own argument. You must present your critical thoughts in order to get full credit.

I also attached some class lecture just in case you want to make comparisons with the previous readings/lectures. This will definitely increase grade because it shows your reading comprehension and understanding the arguments.