Reflecting upon the different models of the criminal justice system we have studied, critically assess which you would most like the English and Welsh criminal justice system to embody.

Project description
i. a high level of knowledge;
ii. real insight into the difficulties of the subject or the relationship between its parts;
iii. a very high level of skill in problem solving, which demonstrates powers of critical analysis;
iv. confidence in the delimitation of issues and in the handling of them;
v. ability to operate, in exposition and discussion, on different levels – i.e. the capacity to be at home simultaneously in several dimensions of the unit’s concerns;
vi. originality of thought;
vii. skilful command of language, demonstrated by a very high level of economy, precision, or fluent and accurate expression of difficult ideas;
viii. ability to step outside the confines of the unit or its prescribed materials, demonstrating a capacity for intellectual initiative, without loss of relevance.

Referencing Requirements:
Main Text books:
LACEY, W. A. Q. 2011. Reconstructing Criminal Law.
SANDERS, Y. A. B. 2010. Criminal Justice.


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