Realism Response Essay

This assignment is a Realism Response Essay, Please follow the instruction to finish this assignment. You need to choose a film from my instruction to watch and write your respond for that film. You have to answer some questions like How does the film express itself realistically? Maybe the production choices reflect this realism, and/or the acting or subject matter. How does it make use of realism for its own purposes? For instance, in Italian neorealism, we learned that realism meant exploring humanistic, sociological concerns in a time of economic crisis; or in Iranian second-wave realism, we witness how realism is intended to raise awareness of state-imposed oppression and to foster a solidarity among all Iranians, regardless of gender or religion. Instead, what are the intentions of your film’s realism, do you think? How does its incarnation of realism reflect the culture and moment of its production? If you have any question please let me know right away.