Raul, Fidel and Ernesto ‘El Che’ Guevara

Raul, Fidel and Ernesto ‘El Che’ Guevara

a) Raul Castro: Current president of Cuba, replaced his brother Fidel. Raul, Fidel and
Ernesto ‘El Che’ Guevara, were central figures in the Cuban Revolution, and its triumph in

b) Mercantilism: Economic theory that proposes that a nation’s wealth should be
measured in bullion, that a country should export more than it import, and that promotes
active state participation, strong sea power, and the possession of colonies for economic
growth. The Spanish empire during the colonial period was guided by this orientation.

c) Potosi: Mining city in Bolivia, exploited since the early l6oos by colonial Spain. Today,
Potosi is tremendously poor and its mining continues under horrible working conditions.

Two paragraph guestions: Write two paragraphs to concisely answer the following

ready for them all, but not all will be on the exam)

I. According to Ruth Gomberg-Munoz in the ethnography Labor and Legality, the ‘Lions’ often
reproduce and resist racial stereotypes of themselves and others. Explain the main positive and
main negative stereotypes (Io+Iopts). Then give two examples of how these stereotypes
play a role in the stories you have read about the ‘Lions’ (5+5pts). Finally, explain why the
author says that to some degree the Lions become complicit in their own subordination and
the racialized perceptions of their labor. (I Opts)

2. Ruth Gomberg-Munoz in the ethnography Labor and Legality, presents a picture of a group of
undocumented workers in Chicago. However, most debates about ‘illegal aliens’ happen at the
national level. Discuss both the positive and negative positions regarding undocumented migrant


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