Quality Improvement Proposal

Quality Improvement Proposal
You need to reflect on your clinical experience to date and identify an issue of interest to research such as, wound care, nursing care procedures etc. Last semester
in NSG2104, you were required to undertake a Literature Review. You can utilise the information you gained around your Review topic for this assignment. Based on this,
you are required to develop a quality improvement proposal on this topic of interest. The content of the proposal will include: the background and significance of the
project; statement of the problem; significance or importance of the problem; the premise of the project /or clinical question; assumptions and definitions; review of
related literature; outline of the project procedure; use of appropriate improvement approach etc.
The Above Paraghraph was the teacher”s comment on what sort assignment he requires. Last semester I have done a literature review on ( why Nurses Neglect checking
Respiratory Rate). If you require that assignment, I can send it to you. this assignment needs around 10 references preferably most of them not older than 5 years.
2000 words limit is require.
I will attach the Marking Guide and a sample paper as well. Also reference style should be APA 6th edition.

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