2-A/ The price a supplier can get for an item is unrelated to its cost
Critically assess this statement . You may reference your past experience or research in your answer.
B/ How can the purchasing function have a positive impact on quality costs?

Instructions for the second question :

€¢ First of all, to answer this question we need (5) paragraphs (total 1500 words exclude the bibliography). PLEASE USE GRAPHS AND PICTURES WHICH SUIT to answer A, B.

Use appropriate references to the module manual, company reports and any other source which will be appropriate (10 references from internet, academic journals and

books) should be online because I need to print them out and read them.

€¢ First paragraph should contains short introduction (tell what are you going to write in the main bodies 2, 3 and 4 which will answer A and B respectively then just

mention that you will apply an example to Illustrate the statement above and for more information about the company add the APPENDIX at the end of the paper.

€¢ Secondly, write how can the Purchasing function have a positive impact on quality costs?

€¢ Finally, conclusion ( summarise the main point)

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