Provide a definition of “organizational learning.”

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Actions for OL vs. LO

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In this module, we have studied the relationship between feedback loops and Organizational Learning (OL).


  1. Please provide a definition of “organizational learning.”There are many, many, differing definitions of OL – and many opinions on precisely how organizations learn (or if they can even learn at all). Some notable theorists include Chris Argyris, Peter Senge, Bente Elkjaer, James G. March, Herbert A. Simon, Mark Easterbay-Smith, and Fiol & Lyles, among innumerable others.
  2. Is there a difference between the notion of “Organizational Learning” (OL) and that of the “Learning Organization” (LO)? Are we anthropomorphizing (great word!) organizations when we say that they “learn”?


Please describe the extent to which you believe your chosen “100 Best” organization is also a “Learning Organization.” If so, how does your organization “learn”? What has your organization “learned,” and through what mechanism(s)?

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