project assignment 3 draft mini literature review

Project Assignment 3: Draft Mini Literature Review

As you continue in your professional career, you will have many opportunities to learn through interacting with your peers. This week, you will complete Assignment 3-the first draft of your Mini Literature Review and share it with your colleagues. Next week, you will offer feedback on your colleagues’ work. Be sure to think about how to communicate your feedback in a professional and constructive manner.

To prepare for this Capstone Assignment-Draft Mini Literature Review:

  1. Finish writing your Draft Mini Literature Review that you began last week and submit it by Day 7 to both the Week 4/5 Capstone Project Discussion Forum and Week 4 Project link (Your draft literature review should be submitted twice-in these 2 different areas)
  2. Read the Peer Feedback Rubric provided in the Learning Resources. Be prepared to use the rubric to guide your critique of your classmates’ Mini Literature Reviews. This will be submitted next week (by Day 2 of Week 5)