Professional Issues in Specific Service Sectors

Instruction:  For this paper choose one of the following sectors and produce a well-researched synthesis of the major professional issues specifically for the

discipline of Child and Youth Care Practice within that sector:

?    Residential Care and Treatment
?    Education
?    Hospitals
?    Youth Justice
?    Street Involvement and Youth Homelessness
?    Aboriginal Youth Services
?    In-Home Support Services and Family Work
The paper should respond the following types of questions (these are examples only):

?    How are CYCs(child and youth care) involved in this sector?
?    What are the issues with respect to training and pre-service qualifications?
?    What are the issues with respect to boundaries, ethics, values, etc.?
?    How is the relational approach of CYC practice reflected in this sector?
?    What are some challenges faced by CYCs in this sector in terms of doing the work in accordance with CYC principles?
?    What types of professional relationships are important for CYCs when working in this sector?
?    What are the issues related to professional communication?
?    What might be some issues related to power and to cultural and other forms of identity diversity?
Students are strongly encouraged to search for references that reflect a range of research methodologies, multiple geographic and cultural contexts as well as multiple

time frames (some material from previous decades/eras as well as some that is very recent).

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