Positive Reinforcement Case Study

Required Resources
Read from your text,Challenging Behavior in Young Children:Chapter 7: Preventing Challenging Behavior: The Social ContextChapter 7 provides information on creating the social context and recommendations for teaching social skills.Chapter 8: Preventing Challenging Behavior: Physical Space, Routines and Transitions, andTeaching StrategiesChapter 8 provides an overview of prevention, including suggestions for physical space, routines and transitions, and teaching strategies. The IRIS Center for Training Enhancements. (n.d.).Encouraging Appropriate Behavior.Retrieved fromhttp://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/case_studies/ICS-005.pdf
This resource provides case studies displaying challenging behavior and provides information on positive reinforcement strategies. It will assist you in completing the written assignment.Accessibility StatementPrivacy Policy does not exist.——————————————————————————————————————–

Assignment (Due 11/07/16)
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Positive Reinforcement Case Study After reviewing the case study labeled Level B Case 1 and the STAR sheets inEncouraging Appropriate Behavior,write a one- to two-page summary in which you:
Discussonestrategy that would best aIDress Dougs goals.
Justify your strategy selectionandthe benefits of positive reinforcement.
Describe how you would implement this strategy, including any possible limitations.

Your paper must be one to two pages in length (double-spaced,notincluding title and reference pages) and utilize APA formatting. It must cite at least two scholarly resources (including the course text). Citations must be properly formatted in APA style.