Position Paper: Visual Literacy in Education

Read the following articles: Visual Literacy, Felton, pgs. 60-63. A Visual Voice for Diverse Learners, Sterman, pgs. 28-31. Position Paper: Visual Literacy in Education In his article Visual Literacy, Felton (2008) acknowledges that “schools have traditionally placed primary emphasis on textual literacy” (p. 62). Do you believe that this is a sound method of teaching and reaching all students, or do you believe that schools and educational curricula should put added emphasis on a student’s visual literacy? Using your experiences in this course so far, lecture information, and evidence from readings, write a position paper on this topic. Your paper should: – Have a clear introduction, body, and concluding summary section. – Reflect organized thinking and flow easily. – Support a position while acknowledging the opposing topic. – Reflect an authentic personal opinion. – Be a minimum of 3 pages, double spaced, 12 pt. font. – Contain a “Works Cited” section, as well as have citations therein from valid sources (i.e. not Wikipedia).