Politics 300 (2 discussion questions)

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Politics 300 (2 discussion questions)
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xxxxxxx Head: xxxxxxxxx DISCUSSION QUESTIONS ? PAGE xx MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DISCUSSION QUESTIONS ? xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx ?5?
Political xxxxxxxxxx Questions
Institution xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date xx xxxxxxxxxxx
Political Discussion Questions
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx questions
xxxx basic xxxxxxxxxx xxx used xx xxxxxxxx national security. xxxx include defense, dxxxxx diplomacy, deterrence, and xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx this essay xxxx just look at defense and peace diplomacy xxxxxxxxxxx xxx aim xx xxxxxxx approach is to xxxx the enemyx offense xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx offense itself tries to make a government be xxxx and disrupt its xxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx the defense is xxxx xx strengthen x government and maintain its xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx the offense uses, but xx xxxxxx xxxxx xx defend that offense. xxxxxxxxx defense xxx act as x xxxxxxxxx warning when it xx high enough to xxxxxxx xxx attack. xxxxxx attempts xx xxxxxx the
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