Policy Application & Public Awareness

 You should consider a particular public policy or societal issue (e.g., how biology shapes personality) and examine how research within psychology can inform and provide important next steps for this particular issue. For instance, you may be interested in advocating for mental health in the public school system. Could you design a campaign or proposed policy using research and theories from personality psychology? Perhaps you believe the public school system should adopt programs that promote emotional wellness– how could you use research and theory within psychology to advocate for this particular policy? Finally, perhaps you are interested in reviewing a current policy (e.g, gender equality) and you are interested in assessing the policy and offering recommendations for improvement – how can you use psychology research and theory to do this? Because the approach and topic that students use for this option will vary, it is important that you discuss your intended topic with me. All final papers within this topic must be theoretically and empirically based, with a focus on theories and research from psychology. It is important that your application of psychology to a particular issue be relevant and informed. Further, you must clearly articulate why this particular issue benefits from being examined within the lens of psychology. Importantly, your paper should convincingly advocate for a particular position/policy using psychological theories and research.